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University transcript,What are the most popular degree courses

University transcript,What are the most popular degree degree,university transcript.

And what, if anything, do such patterns tell us about the way young people and others view what they want from a university degree? Are patterns in the UK similar to elsewhere?Most popular courses 2014:

Nursing: 238,000 applications

Psychology: 106,000

Law: 103,000

Design studies: 97,000

Pre-clinical medicine: 85,000

Computer Science: 77,000

Management: 71,000

Sport and exercise: 67,000

Business: 66,000

Social Work: 64,000

In terms of changes since 2007, the largest growth has been observed in nursing, rising from 58,435 in 2007 to 103,550 applications in 2008, when the admissions system was centralised and unified, to 237,990 in 2014.

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