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UCLA Marketing Master Degree Program

UCLA Marketing Master Degree Program

UCLA Marketing Master Degree Program.Buy UCLA Diploma.Under the leadership of the president of the University of California, William Wallace Campbell, the number of enrolled students in the southern part of the school grew very fast, so that in the mid-1920s, the agency had to expand its two 15 hectares of land outside.Buy UCLA Diploma.

Therefore, in order to meet the new land demand, the school board is committed to finding new sites. On March 21, 1952, the school board announced that the new site was located on the west side of Beverly Hills, adjacent to the then Pelos Wades Peninsula. In 1926, the University of California, Los Angeles, the sports team joined the Pacific Coast Union. After the meeting, the students at the southern campus will use the name of the students at the Berkeley school for them - "Bruins". In 1927, the school board named the southern branch "University of California at Los Angeles" ("in" in 1958 was officially replaced by a comma (University of California, Los Angeles), and University of California Correspondence). In the same year, the state government started construction in a piece of land in the Westwood area, which sold for one million, less than one-third of its true value. The land was sold by Edwin and Harold Jens, and the Janss Steps were named here.Buy UCLA Diploma.UCLA Marketing Master Degree Program.

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