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Buy Diploma, GRADUATE STUDENT SUCCESS STORIES.Fr. Philip Sutherland, SJ is a doctoral student in Philosophy. Currently in his first year, Fr. Philip plans to teach philosophy at a Jesuit university as a Jesuit priest. On October 21, 2017, he attended the Fordham Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan, NY and presented his research paper at the Society of Ancient Greek Philosophy. Sutherland’s paper, The Many Senses of Justice in Nicomachean Ethics, is an attempt to make sense of a notoriously difficult chapter in Aristotle’s ethics. Sutherland identifies what he believes are the relationships between the different kinds of justice that Aristotle discusses. The paper also contributes to the field of Aristotelian ethics and politics and his analysis provides a more unified reading of book V than has traditionally been acknowledged, including the concept of justice as a critical bridging concept between the individual virtuous life of the Nicomachean Ethics and the politically-oriented life of the Politics. Buy Diploma.

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